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The Independent Music Hustle

The independent music business has changed my life for the better; financially, personally, and professionally. I could write forever about the great things that the independent music business has afforded me and my family, but I'm sure my readers would rather learn about how their independent music hustle can help to improve their lives. The independent music business has allowed me to do many things, but one of the most fulfilling things that it has done for me, is it allowed me to change the lives of a couple of the artists that I've signed. I've helped artists to quit their part-time jobs within 3 months of signing a record deal with my record label, and given them the opportunity to start working full-time, doing what they love the most; writing and recording music.

Seeing an up-and-coming musician live out their life-long dream is one of the best things that I ever experienced, and it is definitely what I miss the most about running an independent record label. It's now 2017, and I may no longer be handing out record deals, but I am still involved in the music business, and as each new year passes I still thank God for the opportunities that come along with being involved in the 'independent' music business. The thing that excites me now as a former indie record label owner, are the opportunities that new musicians and new record labels have at their disposal, and the fact that I can mentor some of these new entrepreneurs on how they can achieve success doing what they love.

Today there are so many angles that creative people (musicians and record label owners) can take to generate income and build wealth from the business of music, but, unfortunately most of the people who are involved in making music are too focused on the flashing lights, YouTube views, or they are too busy trying to get a major record deal. What's sad about the last thing I mentioned (trying to get a major record deal), is that the average up-and-coming musician in 2017 can make significantly more money on their own (independently) than they would if they signed to a major record label; not to mention that if you're making music in 2017 you are not only a virtual record label, you are also a walking and talking investment; more on this in my future blog posts.

The 10 plus years experience I have within the entertainment and music industry has shaped me into who and what I am today. I've learned and accomplished many things while I ran my music and entertainment company: my record label was the first independent label to offer health insurance to musicians, we were the first to ever offer and enroll musicians into 401k plans, and we also was one of the few (if not the only) independent music label that invested 'heavily' into the development of musicians; from hair and make-up, to acting class, choreography, and much more. We did all of this without any outside funding; we did it independently!

I mentioned all of this to make sure that my readers understand that I am not just some guy that is talking the talk, I am someone that has actually walked the walk. If you are making music in 2017; whether you are an independent record label, or an independent musician, you are in the best time period of the music business! Today, everything that you do as a musician or a record label has value: recording music, writing music, distributing music, music videos, publishing music, your experience, your story, EVERYTHING! It all has value, you just need to find out how to monetize it.

One of the biggest and most amazing things that I have witnessed in recent years, is the current role that some investors (personal and corporate) are now playing in regard to intellectual property (music, ideas, visual content, etc.). Can you believe that today there are people and corporations out there who are willing to invest into the things that musicians create? Not only that, these investors are also interested in investing their own money into the potential-and future earnings of recorded music. The Intellectual-Stock Exchange is just one of the many companies out there that is helping musicians create 'new' ways of generating income, by partnering musicians with potential investors. I can go on-and-on about the many other ways musicians can make money, but this is just one blog post, and I would be writing forever if I did that in this blog post. So, I will save my advice for future blog posts and hope that the readers of this post will come back for more information on how they can add more financial success to their music career.

The main objective for this blog post is to help up-and-coming musicians and established musicians as well, to get excited, and fall more in love with what they do, and what they can financially accomplish with their passion. If you make music-especially if you are an up-and-coming musician, feel free to subscribe to my website/blog, because I will be sharing tons of information on my experience in the music business and the music industry, and most of the things that I will be sharing will help to shed some light on the different ways you can achieve success in your music career. Thank you for reading and visiting my website/blog, and I hope to see you soon.

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