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White America

I know the title of this blog is going to trigger an emotion in anyone who sees it, so, while I have your curiosity let's get into what this blog post is about. If you do not know that the majority of people in this country are White (Caucasian) then you’ve been living under a rock, or you've been trapped in your hood for too long. While census data shows that the population in the United States of America is going through a serious tanning process, we are still a couple of generations away from the majority of people in this country being Brown.

From pictures in books written in the early days of America, and also from the recent studies of a Harvard professor named David Reich, we all now know how this country 'really' came to become America. But, for those people who may not know how "America" came to be, here is a quick history lesson. Europeans came and slaughtered the aboriginal people of the land-and some of the so-called ‘Native’ American Indians; who are actually early migrants to this country. After an ocean of blood was spilled, African slaves were brought in, and we all know how the story goes after that.

Regardless if this land was stolen, and regardless if the original people of this land are still being persecuted and are now the minority, it does not change the fact that this country (after the European invasion) has been; and still is, mostly made up of White people (poor to middle-class Whites). I say this because what I’m about to dive into is not being discussed (at all) in any public conversation, and it is also the main reason why Donald Trump won the presidency. Folks, there are a lot of White people who are not happy about where this country is going. Not only that, they also feel like they are being left behind and forgotten.

The White people that I’m talking about are the same people that helped to get Barrack Obama elected. Yes, it was mostly their votes that got the first Black President elected; it was not 'mainly' due to the Black vote. These (White) people were so unhappy about what was going on in this country that they decided to elect someone that looked completely different from them, hoping for some kind of change. President Obama did create laws and systems that would eventually benefit most of the White people (and Brown) who voted for him, but the divisive politics and fear mongering of the Republican party blinded these voters, and disillusioned them as well.

Needless to say the majority of White people who voted for President Obama did not get the change they were expecting during his Presidency. They expected immediate change, but what they got were seeds of change. President Trump toured the country and discovered this dissatisfaction within this group of White people, and wasted no time in taking advantage of it. He built his campaign on tapping into the anger of these people, and uprooted their innate fears of 'their' country being hijacked by Brown people, and promised them that he was going to make America great again by fighting for them.

In a fate that is not only ironic-but also sad, this portion of White America elected someone who belongs to the same group (and system) who are behind the stifling of their demographic; that group is called the “Super Rich”. In this great country of ours, it is not a "Black and White" thing, it is a "Rich and Poor" thing. If you have any knowledge of American economic history, then you know what is being played out on today’s racial and economic stage. Since the beginning of this country the Super Rich has always created an artificial divide between Brown people and average/poor Whites.

To the average White American (poor to middle-class) who voted for Trump, and who might be reading this blog post, I know you feel silenced and invisible, but trust me I can list a couple of groups of people that feel the same way. The reality is I will never be you, and you will never be me, but we will always be Americans. The only way to make America great again is if ALL Americans make it great again. And by “all” Americans I mean the people who truly love this country, and the people who work hard and care about their communities.

Thank you, to whoever you are for visiting this website/blog, and I hope to see you again soon. May God shed his grace once again on this great country called the U.S.A., and do not waste your freedoms!

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