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"I'm Running Out of Patience" - Joe Biden

The President's statement (quote) is old news by now, but I wanted us to revisit the words he used when he spoke to the American people about how he felt towards citizens who chose not to get the jab. "I'm running out of patience", were his exact words and I'm not paraphrasing. With that being said, we (all) need to ask ourselves a sensible question, and that question is, how does an American President speak to our people as if they are children, and as if he's a dictator.

Ask yourself, when, or if, you have ever heard a sitting President use authoritative words to marginalize a large segment of our population. A population who is exercising their God given right to decide whether or not they want to have an experimental substance injected into their body.

If you're wondering why I'm blogging about something that transpired weeks ago, it's because things are about to get "pretty" again, in our country. Our country will begin to feel a sense of normalcy soon, and this return to "normalcy" has less to do with the natural flow of things, but more to do with Joe Biden's scary polling numbers. That's right, Midterm Elections are around the corner (November), and it's looking very scary for Democrats.

As usual, thank you, to whoever you are for visiting this website/blog, and I hope to see you again soon. May God shed his grace once again on this great country called the U.S.A., and please, do not waste your freedoms!

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